SUMMARY: Julia K. Roth, Ph.D.

CURRENT Experience and Interests

My most current role has been a combined, system architect and strategic marketing person. My most recent title was Principal Systems Architect / Strategic Marketing Manager. I have many years of HANDS ON experience in hardware and software development, leading to management experience coupled with marketing.

I have personally started and driven the Internet Network Computer effort at VLSI Technology Inc. This entailed MANY elements including but not confined to corporate counseling and planning, technical strategic marketing, customer inputs, technical system architecture definition, business plan, technology analysis and licensing, etc. This has also included software evaluation for all aspects of the WWW, including Java, JavaOS, html, etc. In other words, I have been involved in ALL aspects of a VIRTUAL startup within VLSI regarding the HARDWARE/SOFTWARE of the Network Computer. In detail, this has included market research and detailed architectural definition of a Network Computer in both consumer AND corporate markets. It has also included evaluation and licensing of key technologies to support these
( e.g. JavaOS ). Other work included invention disclosure for a Java byte code hardware assist for the ARM embedded microprocessor as well as JavaOS integration.

I AM totally committed to ALL aspects of the WWW, from software to hardware
( WWW sites, software and Network Computers, etc. ).

I have also been involved in consulting regarding various aspects of Programming for Internet WWW corporate home page software site design. This has also included server systems site building both in hardware and software.

I have also been involved in strategic marketing for various advanced technologies such as Telcom DSLs, DVD, USB, P1394, etc. Part of my responsibility was to research, monitor, and do market analysis as to new, up and coming technologies on a broad front. This centered around the PC ( SIPC, PC97, etc. ) and Network Computer, as drivers.

Previous positions have included, Researcher with Apple Computer,
Director of an Engineering Design Center ( staff of 12 people both admin. and programmers, 250K budget, 2M dollar capital equipment procurement, and systems software design ). Corporate systems technology analysis and evaluation. Many years, microprocessor based principal systems architect and designer, including product and project management. Software programmer various levels.

Julia K. Roth, Ph.D.