Julia K. Roth, Ph.D.

Seeking opportunity in leading Internet / Intranet or related technology ( Hardware / Software ).

Current HANDS ON state of the art knowledge in leading technical and marketing facets of Internet/Intranet and Network Computer ( consumer/corporate ). Hardware / Software.
Two years direct management responsibilities,
Three years marketing, design group Project/Prog. leader,
Ten years hands-on Computer Systems engineering experience, project, design, production, tech. analysis, etc. ( hdwr, sfwr )
Hardware: from conception to production: Product Definition, Specification, Design, Implementation, and Documentation of µP based systems and ICs.
Software: knowledge in HTTP, HTML, CGI, Slip, PPP, CD-Authoring etc., C++, OOA/D; programming in C, assembly firmware, shell script, UNIX System Admin. expertise, (SUNs and HP 9000/700s, HP-Vue, VMS, MacOS, Windows, Networking, ( current learning in JAVA, JavaScript, also knowledge in Director, Apple Media Tool, Oracle Media Objects, etc.,
Experience in, advanced technical market research, technologist role, new product definition, technical sales support, corporate and customer presentations, interface, evaluate business technology opportunities and alliances, etc. and technical management, development.


• Director , Managed, procured, designed, helped program, $2M Computer Center ( 12 staff ).
( Internet, WWW, LAN, networked systems - software/hardware)
• Strategic Technical Marketing, product research, evaluation, analysis, licensing, etc. to corporate staff
• Architected, designed, and implemented Internet network sites ( hardware and software ).
• Managed, group/project and contributor to software / hardware projects; advisor to corporate staff.
• Architected, designed, implemented numerous microprocessor / PC hardware / software projects.

UNUSON Corp. ( Steve Wozniak ), AOTA Inc., Apple Computer, etc.> - (consult)
•• INTERNET/INTRANET Software & hardware - development, site design, technical analysis,
licensing, etc. Network Computer Architecture, design, market strategy and related technology
evaluation (software & hardware ).
Principal Systems Architect / Strategic Marketing Manager
Vlsi Technology Inc. San Jose, CA
Network Computer Architecture, design, market strategy and related technology evaluation (software & hardware ). INTERNET/INTRANET Software & hardware - development, site design, technical
analysis, licensing, etc.
System Development / Advanced Technology Group
APPLE Computer Cupertino, Ca.
•• Advanced systems design, development, investigation ( PowerPC 601/4, single & MP, PCI, SCI. etc.)
Director / Manager, Software, Computer Design Center. ( 60-workstations / 12 staff ).
Santa Clara University, Santa Clara Ca.
•• Managed, designed, procured, help build, $2 Million dollar computer center ( 60-workstations ).
Architected System Software, directed / helped implement extensive distributed system admin. tool. Full department responsibilities, software product development, management, contracts, budget, vendors. Advanced systems integration, design, development of software. Hire/Fire responsibility of 12-15 staff.
Engineer / Research Assistant ( Ph.D. Candidate - graduated )
Santa Clara University, Santa Clara Ca. ( on contract )

•• Architected, designed and evaluated, through extensive SOFTWARE SIMULATION, scalable
coherent distributed shared memory Multi-processor with emphasis on practical and implementation issues. Specialized in systems performance evaluation (Petri-nets, MVA) and systems design, virtual memory and operating system issues, cache-coherency, interconnection networks, interprocess communication, etc..

Manager - Group and Project / Principal System Designer, Architect
Gould Inc. Santa Clara, CA
•• Performed architectural definition, specification, logic design, firmware, software and managed
implementation of µP/ µC (68K, 80x86) board level systems and inclusive ASIC VLSI designs, to all design groups in company (e.g. mainly µP Systems and CPUs, Mem., Comm., Dsp. Specialty I/O). Included software and hardware, market technology evaluation, product direction, and definition. Also included strategic product marketing evaluation and analysis for corporate staff.
Architected, specified, designed through software, managed the implementation, assisted marketing and wrote data sheets for gate-array ASIC based standard products for application in high performance single and multiprocessor based systems. Included application software and hardware
Architected, specified, designed and implemented for production, microprocessor systems and
related peripherals


Santa Clara University, CA.
Ph.D. Comp. Eng., Advanced Computer Systems ( 3.94 GPA )
University Of California Berkeley, CA.
M.S. E.E., Computer Systems ( 3.85 GPA )
New Jersey Institute Of Technology, NJ.
B.S. E.E., Digital Systems and Software ( 3.76 GPA )

• "Asynchronous Digital Arbiter": Patent 4,894,565., January 16,1990.
• "The Design and Analysis of Cache Coherency in Generally Interconnected Shared Memory
Multiprocessor Systems: A New Architecture,
" Ph.D. Dissertation, Computer Engineering Dept.,
Santa Clara Univ., Santa Clara CA., June 1992.
• "A Cache-Coherent, Distributed Memory Multiprocessor System and its Performance Analysis,"
IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems, Kawasaki, Japan,
Vol. E75-D, No. 3, May 1992, p274-290.
• "C2MP: A Cache-Coherent, Distributed Memory Multiprocessor System," Supercomputing 89,
Nov. 1989, p 466-475.

- Association of Computing Machinery ( ACM ) : Member
- Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers ( IEEE ) : Senior Member
- Hot-Chips Symposium : Organization Committee
- Hot-Interconnects Symposium : Volunteer
- Attendee of Leading Confs., Symposiums (ISCA, ICPP, SVPC)