• June 2011

    iPad Portrait of Janet Wozniak, Painted from Life Today Thank you, Janet. Inspired by Matisse and David Hockney. Audio by Francis Poulenc. Thank you, too, Pandora.

  • March 2011
  • March 2011

    Until the Music Ends (UTME) is a documentary film and webzine that is currently shooting and has had the honor of having The Woz participate. This film that answers the question "How do artists make a living as a musician in today's music industry?" and "How has the music business has been changed by computers and the internet?"

  • January 2011

    We've never had a guest on The Engadget Show that inspired quite as much excitement as Steve Wozniak -- the crowd was pumped and the Woz was in full effect. Josh and Woz talked for a full 40 minutes about everything from Woz's white iPhone to the future of server storage to anecdotes about Apple, and it's all topped off with a little creative currency manipulation, as Woz promises us his custom $2 bills can get us "arrested, but not convicted."