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I saw John [Draper] at a 2600 meeting a few months ago. He is doing good, he was off to India the day after. he is big into raves now and meditation. he was trying to get me to go to some meditation session with him. Hes a funny guy. Even though he is a lot older than us (i'm 22), it's like hanging with one of the guys :) --ryan


Thank you, even though I happened to know this one. I have helped John a lot recently. I gave him a PowerBook to use and sent him a better one in India (had to pay 45% import duty). I host his web site on an iMac in my 'office' home. I hear from him all the time.

John Draper (Captain Crunch) always had amazing stories about flaws in Ma Bell and ways to take advantage of them. Once he showed me how to tap the FBI and I did it myself, from a normal phone. That's just one of many many things. John was a little to weird and dangerous to be a close friend but I always wanted to see him every few months to catch up on interesting hacker stories. Life wouldn't be as fun without this sort of thing, even though I didn't really do it myself. I originally believed that John was an ethical hacker, only using a blue box to find flaws in the system. So I was that way, in his stead. I learned how to do all sorts of stunts with the blue box but I paid for all my own long distance calls from the dorm. That's true. I was so careful only to do what I considered right that I told my parents everything that I did with the blue boxes and other boxes. That's true also. In later years, I found that very few phone phreaks were this 'ethical' type, even John. Check out his domain: www.webcrunchers.com

Did you actually play a 2600?

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Just wondering, Woz... Did you actually play a 2600 in the hospital after the crash? If not, why do you think the writers placed on ein there? Also, I noticed that the game on the film was nothing like any 2600 game I've ever seen-- could that be due to any refusal by Atari/Hasbro to place a real 2600 game in there?


I have no memories of my hospital stay, but I have seen pictures of myself playing games on my Apple ][. I've never played a game on a 2600. I think that I was playing the first ever "Choplifter" game around this time.

Friends tell me that I had them sneak in pizza and milkshakes to the hospital. I can't remember the hospital food, but I'm sure it was bad and I'm sure that this is a true story.