I want to write a book

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My uncles and cousins all have peecees!! I can't take it anymore and they are planning to buy new ones. My sister wants a Compaq and so do my parents ( they say it's cheaper to maintain upgrade and all that stuff), they know nothing!!! My sister is comparing the newest Compaq to my old Mac. What am I going to do? Last thing I want to mention today: I want to write some type of novel, I don't understand how they make their books so thick? (as in coming up with content) I might be able to write about myself If I concentrated I could get anywhere from 300-800 pages maybe, but is my life interesting enough that people would want to read about it, I mean I can't even write a grammatically correct e-mail, not to mention all the fancy words that authors use. What are your views on this?


If your stories are interesting, an editor can help the grammar.