What a year !

Comment from E-mail

I saw your biography on TV last night and was very impressed- by your achievements, work ethic, and outlook on life. I'm the operating officer of a pretty young software company and your story completely inspired me! I read in one of your email responses that you went to college in Colorado, as did I. Which one? I went to Boulder - and what a time that was!


Boulder, 1968. I had 800's on all my math/science SAT's except for Chemistry (770) but visited Boulder and was in snow for the first time in my life so I decided that was the only place I'd apply. WHAT A YEAR. You'll have to wait for my book. I even got put on probation for computer abuse, and was afraid that they'd charge me so I didn't go back. But I had some incredible pranks, well beyond the one that was talked about on the biography.