"WOZ" signature on G.S

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We pooled all of our resources and bought one of the first Apple G. S's to hit the stores up here in Alaska.

On the front of it is a strange signature, "WOZ". I have never seen another G. S. that had been signed in this manner. Did you per chance sign the front of any of the early ones as a lark? If you did perhaps you would be interested to know this particular model ended up in Anchorage Alaska and brought our whole family into the world of technology and I still dearly love the little fellow and keep him in a place of honor in our library. (Of course both he and I are retired now but he's still good for a fast chess game now and then with my grand-kids and I.

Thanks for the opportunity to inquire about my little guy,


When Apple asked me for a signature for a special limited edition of the Apple ][gs I figured that it was for a few hundred computers. But they made 50,000 with the signature.

Occasionally I'm asked to sign, with a Sharpie pen, one of these or one of the ones without the "Woz" signature.

Thanks for letting me know of your respect for your little fellow.

The ][c

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I just wanted to say, that really appreciate everything you have done over the years. My dad got me a IIc when they first shipped in 1984, and I used that wonderful little system until 95 when I upgraded to one of your Limited Edition "Woz" IIgs systems. but I chose to stick w/ the past & not only did I get a IIc+ later that year, but a rom 03 IIc.... Lately I have a custom built IBM system, but I still have my IIgs which has been greatly updated thanks to Alltech Electronics and several other companies.. And have helped a couple friends reawaken their old GS systems and bring them up to date as much as a IIgs can be updated. on to other subjects, I watched "Pirates of Silicon Valley" last night, and found it to be very reveiling about the past......and was wondering what you thought about everything that had happened.... ack....blasted server.....gotta go...lag is killing me..



I loved the ][c the most of all the Apple's.

All of the early Apple's had the laptop to typewriter size right in front of you. This is what I like. I broke with tradition for this 'look'. I have nice minitowers but I rarely use anything but a laptop, a PowerBook, as a computer. I just like it all in front of me, it's hard to explain why.