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Accept my gratitude

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I've gone from a Commodore 64, my first computer, to my iMac RevB, my second computer. With a 12yr absence from computers. Needless to say, there's some catching up to do. All this conflict between Wintel and Mac's is beyond my understanding, nor do I care why it exists. I want a reliable, user friendly home computer, period. I have no predefined prejudices for or against either macintosh or the other machines. But the history of all this is what I missed in the past 12-15 years and that's very interesting to me now. especially your side of things.

First-off thanks for getting the ball rolling all that time back. And please keep your comments coming, most interesting to hear your side of it. I did not watch the "Pirates" movie for many reasons, most of all because Hollywood made it. Now if PBS had done it I may have watched... I really like my Mac. I do hope in the long run as I learn more, that I will come to admire my macintosh as much as my guru friends do. Talk about rambling.....I'ld send money, but I know you don't need it, so please accept my gratitude for doing what you've done. Regards


Thanks for having a clear head and not caring about what everyone else might have. That's to your benefit and it's a benefit to you also. My part of the history is very unusual as major business success stories throughout time go. Someday it may be told in a book. But Apple may only be in the background!