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Goodness to people

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Hi Mr. Woz, I just wanted to know if you and Steve Jobs are still friends? I've read a few things most of the Apple history that I know I read in the Mac Bathroom Reader, and in that it seems like Mr. Jobs was a bit on the "dark side of the force" where as you always have been VERY Luke like (he he sorry for the geeky cliché but it does kind of fit). Do you think he's changed, and if so is it for the better? I only ask because I feel that my Mac has really turned my life in a good direction and although Apple is doing really great right now it still doesn't have a "official" CEO (or what ever strange three letter thingamajig title the top dogs give them selves) and were as it would take an act of GOD to get me off my Mac I'd really hate to see things at Apple go south yet again.


It's very scary when Apple has serious problems every few years or so. It might take a bit of the dark side to get companies straightened out once in a while. We didn't have much problem in our early years. There is a bit of Apple that means 'goodness to people' but I think the attitude is more 'get rid of the problems' when things are bad.