Evets Kainzow

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What are your views on the importance of computer games in the role of a platforms sucess? Do you still play computer and console games? If so, what are some of your favorites?


Not much due to lack of time. My kids beat me at almost anything. I am extremely good at Tetris on the Gameboy and had my name listed in Nintendo Power magazine a few times in the early days for my top scores. After they wouldn't print my name any more I submitted an entry with my names spelled backwards, Evets Kainzow, and they printed it! When I saw the issue, I'd forgotten that I'd sent it in and was worried that someone was challenging my own level! My current high score is 702,000 and my goal is 750,000. I gave GameBoys to Gorbeshev and Bush when they were in office. A week or so later Bush had heart problems. On TV he was shown playing the Game Boy in the hospital.

I also roll the score over (1,000,000 points) on the Williams "Defender" arcade game, which I have in my home.

I play solitaire on my PowerBook and once won 33 games in a row, standard settings. The trick is to only play the ones that deal a very good setup and to back up as much as possible to find a win if it doesn't come easily.

I like reading the Bridge column in the paper, and our paper carries a ScrabbleGram word game. I play this almost every day and wrote programs to solve it and I put it on the web (Scrabblegram.com) for a while a couple of years ago.

I don't mind gambling. Video Poker slot machines are my favorite. But I'm watching my 14 year old daughter for luck. She was in Las Vegas with me (and my class of 11 year olds, who were attending a "Mac Academy" in Ceasar's Palace and played Keno for the first time. She won $1600 on a $1 ticket. This was at age 9. Her second time was at age 12. I told her not to expect to win when she plays Keno. But, during breakfast, when I looked up she'd won $7500. I wish I'd copied her numbers.

Breakout for Atari! I used to love that game.

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Hello, I am hoping to contact Mr. Steve Wozniak. I have become interested in the history of personal computers over the last year. Did you see the TV movie PIRATES of Silicon Valley? After seeing that show, I read the book Infinite Loop, which is all about the evolution of Apple computer- very interesting story! Good thing for Steve Jobs that there was and is the WOZ! Are you interested in DVDs? Computer games? The game everyone is holding their breath for now is Quake3- Arena. The 3D videocard accelerators on the market these days are awesome. I currently have a Matrox G400 Max running on a P3-450 machine. I will probably buy an Intel Coppermine 667 next year- he he, it is the only 1990`s processor that has not ended in 0 or 6.My favorite DVD is the DTS version of Saving Private Ryan.Anyway, I was hoping that you might be an E-mail/chat pal!Please E me back! You invented super breakout for Atari! I used to love that game.The classic 1980s game I still like is Centipede.


Hi, this is Woz.

I'm interested in almost everything fun and technical, especially entertainment things like DVD's. I don't have time for all the great computer games but I have sons and I get to see them all. I play a few but I play those few for years and years. I'm hooked on Snood and Spades Deluxe right now. Occasionally I play Solitaire. I play a lot of Tetris on Gameboy and I play very well.

I'm glad to hear that you have such extremely good computer equipment. It's amazing how much a good graphics accelerator can add.

It's best not to get in a lot of email with me. Thousands have the idea. I get 200 emails or more a day and am totally consumed by it and I miss out on family time even. But I do like hearing about what people out there are doing and how they feel.