The Corvus Concept.

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Woz, (I hope this gets to you)
Thanks for helping start the thing that has defined my life.

Computers have given me my life and living. I thank you you for making it possible. I think computers aren't as fun an cool as they used to be in the "old days".

I started out with a TRS-80 Model I, but drooled over Apple ]['s, and planned to buy one and upgrade it with stuff from Applied Engineering. By the time I got the money together to do that, The Apple ][ and AE were history. I am a proud owner of a PowerComputing PowerCenter 132, a Performa 6116 and an Apple ][c.

I also helped author the Apple ][ version of FACTS+ ( It's educational software for autistic children. Charlie would love to hear from you, and would gladly send you a copy for your review. FACTS+ is a lot like your designs. Not flashy, but solid and works well.

I also used to work for the NE Distributor of Corvus Hard Drives (Lawrence S. Epstein Assoc.). Those were fun times. Did you ever get to see The "Corvus Concept" computer. It was a Mac before the Mac.

It was a 68000 computer with a Ball monitor, I think it used CPM-68k, but was based on the Apple ][ design. I know it used Apple ][ Cards (Serial, Floppy, Corvus). It was a great system.

I used to sell these drives to Microsoft in their Albuquerque days. But I doubt Bill would remember me now.

I know there were too few to make this real, but I'd love to get a hold of a working Apple I or a replica just to play with. I did see one of the originals in the Smithsonian. Not too sure if it was an Apple I or an Apple ][.

I'm on the lookout for a 20th Anniversary Mac. One day I'll spot one I can afford.

I appreciate the direction you've chosen in life. I am doing something similar in mine. I just wanted to say hi to you. Thanks for all you do. Al H.


Thanks for the note. You do bring back memories, including the Corvus Concept. I can look back and see how important the Apple I was now. Good luck getting or seeing one!

I don't find the hardware as reliable as it used to be

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My first computer was an Apple III although I learned to program basic on my best friends TRS-80. I was just a little curious on your thought on this old machine. It still works and has never required maintenance. Actually I have a IIe, a IIgs and a 128 mac that still work and have never required maintenance. I work in an Apple Authorized service center and own more current machines. I just don't find the hardware as reliable as it used to be. Is it just my imagination? PS. I have enjoyed reading through your website.


Hey, thanks for contributing to the website too. I always have a problem getting bio materials to people. Now I can refer them to the website.

I hope that we meet some day. I admire people that had much the same computers as you did, that these little machines meant that much to them.

I'm sorry if this note is too egotistical. I'm trying to be polite and complete and have something meaningful to say.