Posted on Tue, 05/28/2013

Who says old computers don’t keep their value? Some of them do, such as the functioning Apple 1 that sold at auction in Germany recently for US$668,000. According to a report from the Associated Press, German auction house Breker sold the vintage Apple to an unnamed Asian client. The still functioning device is said to be one of just six still functioning models in the world; it bears Steve Wozniak’s signature and came with a transaction letter from his fellow Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs. Wozniak is set to have built the model in the garage of Jobs’ parents in 1976.

Posted on Thu, 05/23/2013

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak talked with ABC7 News about what wisdom he will impart at Cal's commencement.

Posted on Mon, 05/20/2013

BERKELEY -- Apple-co-founder Steve Wozniak sent UC Berkeley graduates into the world Saturday with a freewheeling and informal commencement speech -- and two mathematical formulas a fifth-grader could understand:

Posted on Thu, 04/25/2013

Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Computer Inc. and a Silicon Valley icon, will speak at High Point University’s 2013 commencement. The ceremony is on Saturday, May 4 at 9 a.m. on Roberts Hall Lawn at the university.

Posted on Wed, 04/17/2013

The untold story behind Apple's $13,000 operating system CNET looks at newly surfaced contracts, design specs, and page after page of schematics and code, revealing how Apple created its first disk OS, a chapter of Silicon Valley history critical to its later success.

Posted on Sun, 04/14/2013

Steve Wozniak is no stranger to gaming, having met Steve Jobs while working at Atari and even programmed his own version of the classic video game, Pong. Did you know, though, that the Woz is a huge aficionado of the classic Gameboy game, Tetris. Well, he is… so much so that Nintendo Power magazine back in the 1980s refused to publish his scores anymore because he’d dominated the

Posted on Fri, 04/12/2013

Game Informer has a nifty little video of a recent meeting with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, who they ran into while in Montreal to cover the new Thief game. After bumping in to Wozniak, GI managed to convince him to do an interview. But the interview isn't the most interesting part of the story. Apparently Wozniak holds the high score in Nintendo Power magazine for Tetris on the original Game Boy. And he still has that Game Boy and his favorite game with him all the time.

Posted on Wed, 04/10/2013

Steve Wozniak (Woz) has been offering pearls of wisdom to students in America. His recommendation: students must find a purpose in their future careers in order to experience personal fulfillment.

Posted on Fri, 04/05/2013

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) generates a ton of buzz, and that's an understatement. So, naturally, anytime we find an interview that's flying way under the radar, we've gotta share the details. This one comes courtesy of Florida International University's Hearst Lecture Series, found via YouTube. In the video, Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple, discusses "the future of apps and Siri" in particular.