• April 2010

    The co-founder of Apple talks about his favorite robotics competition (FIRST Robotics), raising his kids, and encouraging students to be creative thinkers.

  • April 2010

    The Woz was an audience favorite on the TV reality competition Dancing with the Stars.

  • February 2010

    "I grew up with very strong feeling of wanting to be a good person; I wanted to help others. I don’t like to stomp on people. I don’t want to think of some people as “special” and others not. I’m not interested in acting like I’m above others. Ironically, equal treatment of others really gets in the way of good management because I want to be fair to everyone."

  • January 2010

    On Leadership: Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founder and Fusion-io chief scientist, on Steve Jobs' leadership style, managing creative thinkers and "stretching new technologies." (Video by Elizabeth Tenety, Andrea Useem) 

  • January 2010

    When Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak drops by the office for a visit, it's guaranteed to generate at least one video-worthy moment, like the one below. He was visiting to pitch Fusion-io, a company that's engineered a solid-state storage solution that could radically alter the server farm landscape.

  • January 2010

    "If all the leaders of the world — the presidents of all the countries, the CEOs of all the companies — were here in this room, you'd be my hero," Wozniak, who co-founded Apple Computer and helped create some of the first commercially successful personal computers in the 1970s, told Engelbart. "You'd be the one I would gravitate to."

  • September 2009

    On Thursday, September 24th, Steve Wozniak presented a fantastic talk about his experiences getting kids excited about technology in education via a WebEx Ideas in Motion webinar

  • July 2009

    Interview with Woz (German).

  • April 2009

    He travels the world, dances on TV, tinkers with hardware—oh, and designed the Apple I & II personal computers. Steve Wozniak answers our questions and shares his hacker-ish means of getting things done.

  • March 1995

    Let's start with how you got started with computers. You dad was an engineer at Lockheed, which I'm sure influenced you in some way. How did you get interested in them?