2001, the new Millennium

January 4, 2018

Comment from E-mail

Thanks for answering my previous questions *so* quickly. I’ve never expected someone as famous as you to be so quick and personal when replying to people. This really isn’t related to anything with computers but I’m curious as to when you believe the new millennium was/is. 2000 or 2001?



We learn in computers to start numbering things at 0. Like addresses and indexes. When we try to fight it our programs tell us that things work out the most efficiently when starting with 0. It’s like a sign from nature (or God) that it’s right. I wouldn’t expect the world to do the right thing very often. Look at times (12 is not after 11 on a clock, it’s before) for example. A very good book touching on such matters is “Shades of Reality” by Bob Bishop. It’s as entertaining as it is enlightening.