January 3, 2018

Question from E-mail

Is it true that you got the cellphone number 4444444 and got a whole lot of ‘prank’ calls from babies?


I have sought repeating phone numbers for ages. I did get (408) 444-4444* and it is unusable because I get about 100 calls a day from babies that can’t even talk. In October (very soon) our area code gets what is called an area code overlay of (669). Then we well be forced to dial 1-408-nnn-nnnn for every call, even if it’s next door. The full 11-digit number will be too hard for babies to dial by luck so I will finally be able to use my (408) 444-4444 number.

Also, after I had 444-4444, they came up with free numbers in the U.S. using (444) as the area code. If people try to call a free (444) number, for a company or something, but they leave off the ‘long distance’ code of 1 (one) before it, they can reach me.

For example, if they are supposed to dial 1-(444)-444-8526 but leave off the ‘1’ then they get me because their first 7 digits are 444-4444. This only reaches me if they are in my (408) area code. But in October, the 7-digit numbers here (in our area code) will no longer work, so I will no longer get these calls either. It’s interesting because I have one 444- number that gets calls about once a week for an escort service, “Bored Housewives.” I generally get these calls at 2 AM or thereabouts. I now answer these calls with a very weird sounding voice, like I have a different plan in my head, and tell them that they have to drive to a certain place and wait for me. I tell them, in the weird voice, that I’ll pull up and open the door and that they should get in and we’ll go “somewhere.” So far, everyone that I’ve done this to has changed their minds.

*Numbers used in the above response have been changed for obvious reasons, but I think you get the idea.