Advice on technology

January 4, 2018

Comment from E-mail

I helped someone visit their first website last week. It was almost as if this person was afraid of technology. Would you like to give this person any advice?


If the person has time, they can become an expert browser and advisor to others. It’s the future and they can be a leader, even with very little experience. Try not to have dissatisfying experiences at the start. Computer setups can be a total turnoff. I got my mom WebTV and all she does is push one button and is connected. She’s been on the Internet and sending email every day since. I get jokes from her all the time. If you want to do it with a computer and you’re timid, please use an iMac or iBook. If you don’t want to get into ‘ISP’ get America Online, which comes pre-installed on all computers. It has a front end that helps you learn how to use this extensive world.