Almost No Major Worries

January 3, 2018

Comment from E-mail

Dear Steve, It occurred to me while reading your comments about the movie that you seem to have a natural knack for a lot of things and understanding and developing technology, amazingly, is just the tip of the iceberg. You instinctively seem to know what is important in life, how to prioritize for the things that really matter like kids, friends, etc. and the value of simply being kind to people and kind to animals. If you’ve found your bliss then I believe that is more of an accomplishment than anything else we are put on this earth to face. It is so hard to believe in yourself sometimes. I think if you can instill this idea in kids…to believe in themselves and be true to themselves and listen to their own intuition, then that is the best lesson anyone could give. You give that lesson every day by your own example.

I saw Larry Ellison on an old Charlie Rose show the other day. It was from 1997 I think but anyway, he was talking about how the Japanese value service to others and view being of service to others as a path toward happiness. He said being in Japan was like being on another planet because, generally, we don’t appreciate people who are of service to us in the U.S. We look upon serving others as demeaning. That’s a really sad thing to say but it’s true. Most of the time, if we’re honest about it, we reward ruthlessness. (how many people have Microsoft stock right now, in effect, making Gates even richer?) But I guess I shouldn’t think of money as a reward. Only then does life even start to make any sense. It is better to give than to receive but it’s a lot harder. You’ve followed your path, were true to yourself and to your friends and even now, have continued to be of invaluable service to others. Even by having this web page you are giving others a glimpse that good things do happen to good people. Thank you for that. Thank you for being you.


Thanks. I agree with your values. Yes, I’m very lucky to have a clean light head with almost no major worries about things ever. I’m of the opinion that you have to develop your own keys to happiness from your own logic, and that one’s keys can’t be told to another who can’t ‘feel’ them. So I never take the opinion that the ways I found happiness (long before Apple) can be told to someone else (a child perhaps) and help them be happy. They have to find their own for it to work.