Andy Hertzfeld

January 3, 2018

Comment from E-mail

Dear Woz.. for whatever reasons i have always been a fan of you and Andy Hertzfeld. i know where you are, but i have lost track of Andy since his general magic days. have any idea where he is or what he is doing? Thanks for everything you have done for all of us, Ryan b. G.


Andy, one of the original Macintosh software geniuses, is one of the most incredible persons that I have ever known. He also has an incredible memory for interesting things involving Apple. Andy got interested in internet servers and related facilities some years ago. He set up his own domain and T1 lines and routers and all the stuff that I’ve done for a long time. He is a hands on person. He got interested in Linux and is working on open software. Most importantly, he got married. Next most important, he is great fun for everyone around him. The list of things that I could say about Andy is way too large, but he might be able to tell you.