Another Apple?

January 4, 2018

Comment from E-mail

I posted this in SlashDot, but it probably won’t make it to you, so I’ll pose this to you personally. In your opinion, is there room in the industry for another Apple, where a couple of guys get together, start with nothing, and launch something amazing? Or has the industry gotten too overgrown? One of my fascinations is technological history, so I watched “Pirates” with baited breath (somewhat disappointed, however). I have had countless daydreams about meeting one of the industry pioneers – what I would say, what we’d talk about, the responses I’d get. If I ever make it down to San Jose (I’m up in Spokane, WA), is that offer for a cup of coffee still open? Thanks for your time, and God Bless.


It may make it to me. I’m answering some selected slashdot questions tomorrow.

I think that it’s always possible for what we did to be done again. It would normally require a once-in-a-decade new market opening up to be huge, one that established companies can’t address or don’t address. Right now the whole world is switching to internet services instead of what preceded. This phenomenon is just at it’s start yet there are countless opportunities for young people with nothing to create a big success here, even though most are achieved by business people from before. But look at successes like Yahoo and Netscape that came from unknowns.

The problem is always that I can’t say what the unknown opportunity is. If I could, so could millions of others and nobody could be successful by themselves.