The Apple logo

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A couple of my friends and I have been wondering where exactly did the Apple logo come from, and why is the Apple somewhat bitten? A friend said that the logo is in memory of a famous man who committed suicide by poisoning his Apple and thus only taking one bite. He was found with the apple at his nightstand. Is this true and why the name Apple?


Steve and I wanted a color logo with the Apple theme and the Regis McKinna agency, which we were just hiring, came up with it. Steve Jobs rearranged the colors with the darker blue at the bottom and lighter green at the top, rather than keeping them in rainbow order.

The guy who committed suicide as you say was an Apple manager. Just kidding.

I never heard any reason for the name other than it sounded good and interesting. Steve Jobs came up with it. He was into natural foods and things at the time, and Apple is a healthy name.

I also knew when Gates gave Steve that money a few years back that it had a bigger meaning then Gates just saying that this was to keep compitetion in the OS market. Maybe...and I say this with sarcasim, maybe somewhere in the back of Gates mind he knows he did wrong I was trying to make it right. But at the same time he was still looking out for his best interest. Now that Microsoft and Apple have this new relationship, what does this really mean? To see them as friends after seeing the movie, seem to be just a front to the consumer.

Gates didn't give Steve (or Apple) any money. He traded a certain amount of money for stock that was worth that amount as part of a huge legal settlement for claims that Microsoft infringed on Apple's intellectual property (patents and the like). The reason for Apple wanting the investment was for the PR and how folks like yourself would perceive it. The whole truth was kept from the public for this reason.