Can you donate me an iMac?

Question from E-mail

My name is Peter Jaramillo and I am a Computer teacher at an elementary school in Santa Rosa Ca, I have been trained as a PC specialist and software around the Wintel environment, I never touched an Apple until I got the job in January, well it turns out that I had a lot of studying to do! I bought some great books on Mac computers, the school has iMacs in the classroom. I dont have any money to buy an iMac and they have been nice enough to let me borrow one during Easter vacation, since summer vacation is here, I would very much like to have an iMac of my very own to learn as much as I can about the MAC OS. I would be very happy if you can donate me an iMac, if you cant I will understand. I am still youre fan!


Apple got a lot of respect in the education market and one major reason was a program long ago in which we gave a computer to every public school in California. Actually, the state passed a law that year that made this very inexpensive for us, so you can thank the taxpayers even more. But I, individually, have given so many computers to schools around the country that I can't keep doing it forever. It's like I'll run out, see? So, I'm glad that you want the iMac and I'm glad that you want to learn, but I'm not able to give you one.

You have to ask for such things sometimes, and it can pay off, so don't feel like not asking others. I remember once when Steve Jobs needed some money and he called Bill Hewlett (or Dave Packard) directly and asked for it. He didn't get the money, but they found a summer job for him.