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Hello My name is Phil Grace, I am the tech cooridinator at Heber Springs public schools in Heber Springs, AR. For years our school has been a windows only school that's how it was when I came here 2 yrs ago. I was also a windows only user for years as well until we had virus problems in our business labs that shut them down for about 2 weeks. During that time I was just fed up with windows so I started to look and investigate alternitive os options mainly Linux. I really enjoyed Linux it is a very good system but the desktop isn't there yet. It's not that user friendly and the mainstream software isn't available. So I moved on in my quest and while doing some research I found out that there hasn't been a virus created for OS X. This really intriged me and I wanted to find out more about Apple. So after seeing the machines that Apple is building, and getting a chance to try one it was love at first sight. I had seen the light of the tech world, this wasn't just a temporary fix like anti-virus software, or windows patches, this was the solution. As soon as I got the chance I started moving in the Apple direction for our district. We do have a ways to go but so far about half of the library now has Mac Minis, one of our business labs that specializes in multimedia is all mac, the new server that serves our whole district is now an xserve, we have a mobile lab with iBooks, and I am typing this on an iMac G5 right now. The students are really getting into Macs and iLife, teachers are really enjoying it to. Woz thank you for the contribution that you made to the world of technology, the world needs a company and computer like Apple. Phil Grace Technology Cooridnator Heber Springs School District