Did you actually play a 2600?

Question from E-mail

Just wondering, Woz... Did you actually play a 2600 in the hospital after the crash? If not, why do you think the writers placed on ein there? Also, I noticed that the game on the film was nothing like any 2600 game I've ever seen-- could that be due to any refusal by Atari/Hasbro to place a real 2600 game in there?


I have no memories of my hospital stay, but I have seen pictures of myself playing games on my Apple ][. I've never played a game on a 2600. I think that I was playing the first ever "Choplifter" game around this time.

Friends tell me that I had them sneak in pizza and milkshakes to the hospital. I can't remember the hospital food, but I'm sure it was bad and I'm sure that this is a true story.