January 3, 2018

Question from E-mail

This question regards your interest in flying.

I wonder if you gave up flying after your accident? What drew you to take up flying and what have you learned from your flying experiences. Also what was the technical cause for your accident. I vaguely recall, from the book ‘The Woz’ that it was a loss of power during climb out.


I kept flying after my accident. I had no memories of the accident or pain or hospitals or anything. A type of ‘forward’ amnesia kept me from forming memories during the next 5 weeks. So there was no anxiety when I got in a plane again. I was just going flying for another time, that’s all. The best explanation for my crash is that I didn’t have enough speed for a takeoff. I wanted so badly to find out what had happened that I even underwent hypnosis, to no avail.