Has Jobs grown any?

January 3, 2018

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In your mind, has Jobs grown any? And what is your true feelings towards Win9x? i just started using a Mac and OS 8.1. it seems clunky compared to Win9x.


I knew Steve Jobs from when he was very young. Of course he’s grown a lot. But some of the personality traits can be traced back even to those times. I’d say he grew up and lives an adult life now. But that’s not attractive to me. I decided when I was young and idealistic that I didn’t want to grow up and get the adult evilness in me. I always wanted to have a fun life no matter what I did for work. I did not include drugs and partying in my fun, just humor and pranks and strange adventures and weird friends. I have done the best at staying young of all the people that I know, and I’m very happy.