January 3, 2018

Comment from E-mail

I guess I am writing this, well in hopes of being able to make a friend. I would really like to be able to ask questions to the “woz” as a student, and I am so eager to learn but no one seems to be able to teach me thing I allways wanted to know, even J&W won’t help they are a Compact Service Repairt Center…YUCK!!!!! . He is someone who I model my life after, I would like to learn from someone who I allways considered my hero. There were 3 thing I allways wanted to do when I was younger be a pilot(Private Pilot 233197440), go to a Billy Joel Concert (Billy Joel, Elton John), and work for Apple (Hay you never know?) I to would like to make my mark on society, but it is really increadable to think that a few people who just thought a little differently that everyone else changed so much.


Nice to get your good letter. I hope that you far exceed all of your heroes. You can call me a friend, but I won’t be able to spend a lot of time and probably won’t have much to teach you. I assure you that I rarely have a free moment and that too many people are looking for my time.

Your goals and achievements certainly impress me. I hope that no matter how many things you accomplish and no matter how successful you are, that you always enjoy a little popular music. Singers inspire what we want to be in life and how we want to live our lives as much as any heroes.