How involved with the Mac you are today?

Question from E-mail

I was wondering how involved with the Mac you are today? Are you still an apple employee in any way? Do you use only macs, and if so, what kind(s)? Do you ever talk to Steve Jobs? Have you felt "pushed back" into the spotlight since the movie?


I'm not formally involved with the Macintosh today, but I represent it informally and unofficially on occasion. I keep up with a lot of Macintosh equipment, first hand, and generally know more about what works and what doesn't and what's available and what's not than people inside of Apple

I talk to Steve Jobs on occassion but not too often.

I do feel 'pushed back' into the spotlight right now. Way too much email. I have to handle and turn down lots of reporters. I like a low profile better, it gives me more time to do what I really want to (which might be as simple as taking a child to school).