Hypercard fan

January 3, 2018

Comment from E-mail

Dear Woz,
Wow! I stumbled onto your site when doing a search about Apple things, but am I glad I did! I’ve done a LOT of studying about the history of Apple (I read the book “On The Firing Line” by Gil Amelio, watched “Pirates of Silicon Valley” and even saw a few documentaries about Apple) And YOU are the man that made it happen.

Anyway, I take it from your “comments” section that you’re a Hypercard fan. Well, hey, so am I! I think it’s a wonderful tool to work with… except for one lil nagging thing. Color. The Color Tools stack simply doesn’t work well with manipulating buttons and icons and things..

I assume that you’ve got your own solution to that since you’re a genius..


I have no solution. Apple does have a color kit that can do a little but it’s hard to use. I’ve had my own students use it for games.

Bill Atkinson developed hypercard for Apple, and they didn’t even know that he’s color blind.