I am a huge fan

Question from E-mail

I'm giddy about the fabled 'consumer portable' that (in theory) will be announced at MWNY... is there anything you can share with us on this project or will Apple not be too happy?----------------NO...Steve - Do you have a Newton / PalmPilot / Other PDA? Just curious...

Again, I am a huge fan. (Isn't it weird going from a guy who built computers for a homebrew computer club to being someone with almost a cult following? =) ) My first computer was the IIgs with that "Woz" signature on it; it was in many ways a much better machine than a bunch of the stuff you'll find out there today (especially on the peecee side of things...). And I love reading what you have to say about Pirates! B.K.


Yes, a Newton Message Pad 2100. I used to like to use it for taking notes. But it's sort of obsolete now. I have a PalmPilot but I don't intend to live by it.