I am just another admirer of your work

Comment from E-mail

I am just another admirer of your work. You probably get tons of letters like this, and I thought I'd just add to it. I'm no good at writing or talking to famous people, so this may be a short letter.

I still have our first Mac. I think it started with my uncle, and it was the 128k (may have been more), but he upgraded it to 1MB. I am getting it repaired. Sadly I fried the motherboard as a young child by using it on a nice fuzzy statically charged rug. We still have all the original disks for it, like Excel 1.0, PageMaker 1.0, and all sorts of old programs.

I think what you did revolutionized the computing world. I think the fact that I was born the same year brought me to the Mac side of computers. I still have our collection ranging from the Original, the Performa 550, the 7200/75 or the almost brand new G3 350 Yosemite.


Although I founded Apple Computer and was a part of our early developing corporate image (including 'thinking different) I didn't have much to do with the Macintosh line. The most that I could say is that some of my best Apple friends, including ones that were inspired by myself and others that inspired me, were on the Macintosh team.

For the thinking that took personal computers in the graphical user interface direction (including even Windows) you should thank Steve Jobs. All I can say is that I love the Macintosh and supported it from the first...Woz