I get paid in karma

Comment from E-mail

I hate to make the unfair comparison, but I like to fancy myself a man along the same lines. I write code and post it (it's not all that great, but it's getting better) in hopes that others will pick it up and run with it. I figure things out and write articles (served freely - without even banner ads) discussing what I did and what pitfalls need to be avoided. Etc. I'm employed to do a job, and I do it. But what I contribute to the world around me I don't get paid for, except maybe in karma.

It's late, and me thinks I've babbled. In any case, I would love to converse with you in greater detail, and with a higher level of coherence. (You've been something of an idol of mine since I was a prepubescent brat hacking away at AppleSoft BASIC and 6502 mini-assembler code into the wee hours on schoolnights.)


Good for you (sharing code). There's nothing better and the reward stays with you until you die. Please don't start conversing. I'm exhausted and in pain from 22 hours a day of email answering and I have hundreds stacked up still. Short comments I WILL READ, it only takes me a while if there are questions to answer.

Thanks, and best wishes.