I owe you my career in IT

Comment from E-mail

I'm just writing you this little blurb to thank you for creating Apple by making the Apple I and II. I remember getting to the 2nd high school I had to go to because I risked dropping out of the first and seeing the Apple II for the first time. This was 1985. All the students were busy learning stuff and playing games, I immediately fell in love. With the Apple II but also with Apple and its products (and I'm sure part of this was your hand) had this touch of love put in them that put them apart from the rest. Anyway, to make a long story short, I owe you my career in IT and not dropping out of school. So you vision was (and still is) the best one of them all, empowering kids by creating good and simple yet sophisticated computers that will intrigue and stimulate them.


You couldn't have a better story. I especially like the, obviously true, reference to almost dropping out. Believe me, as a father of six bright kids, I've been too close to this one many times.