I'm Glad You Didn't Know

Comment from E-mail

Thank you so much for replying to my first email! I wanted to ask you if you have seen the movie Pirates of Silicone Valley. If so I am wondering what was the best part of the movie for you? And was there anything untrue in the movie that you would like too bring to my attention? Did Jobs really let people throw food at each other like what was shown in the bar scene of the movie were you quit Apple. Jobs was portrayed too have a rather strong personality and seemed to step on people. Well I've bothered you enough and, can't wait to tell my family that I had the opportunity to speak with you. I am glad you didn't know what your invention was going to turn into because then I would probably not be able to write you tonight....lol thanks for everything.


The personal drives portrayed in the movie were amazingly accurate. So were the key personalities, but not some others. The incidents themselves were all a best try to represent events that really occurred but they often happened much differently or at different times or with different people.

I never quit Apple. That suggestion was based on an incorrect Wall Street Journal that said I was leaving Apple because I didn't like things there. Actually, I had told the Wall Street Journal writer that I wasn't leaving Apple because of things that I didn't like and that I wasn't even leaving, keeping my small salary forever as a loyal employee. I just wanted a small startup experience and a chance to design a smaller product again, a universal remote control.