Important Product and the start of an industry being given away...

Question from Colin T.

Hello, I'm Colin T. I have always been interested in Operating Systems, and like the Mac OS. However, I also like free stuff, mostly because the people who make it are considerate enough to realize that what they are giving is really nothing more than virtual words. Therefore, I absolutely love the Linux Operating System. Now, I have started my own, called FluxOS. It will be giving away freely and is going to be open source. I am writing it in Assembly for the MIPS class processor (a nice little RISC chip). But, since I have little experience in Operating System programming, I can't do much. I need to know how the Kernel works, and other such essential elements. Could you point me in the right direction or show me what could be done?


Nice note. I'm glad that you're into some good things and that you really want to be. I'm glad that you are starting, as I did, with the mentality of helping and giving. It wasn't shown, but I passed out schematics of what became the Apple I computer (after Steve Jobs saw $$$) freely at the HomeBrew Computer Club. Who ever heard of such an important product and the start of an industry being given away?

I can't help point you in the direction you want to go. You'll have to find that on your own. I can only do a certain number of things and I've had a family for the last 16 years.