Macs Sucks?

January 4, 2018

Comment from E-mail

Macs suck. Linux is better and its faster than your unstable Macs. On a last note, MACS SUCK. Get a life get a PC and get a good OS and so on. Macs are crap they aren’t compatible with other OS’s. ha ha.


To some extent, an OS that does a lot for you becomes unstable and slower.

I have a lot of Linux servers at my site and they crash on occasion, as do the Macintosh servers. But for the most part you have good points. It’s just that you’d be better heard by everyone if you avoided statements like “Macs suck.” In saying that you instantly get most people (not myself necessarily) thinking that you just want to be critical and not contributory.

A good OS is like your friend. Personal computer users like to use their computers a lot and spend virtually no time upkeeping them or installing them. They aren’t very technical either. The requirement of the technical ability to install Linux is out of the question for most PC users. Having to have a Linux expert around to fix and install and setup and explain things is unrealistic to most people that don’t want to do it themselves.

Perhaps there will be local shops that maintain Linux machines someday and then we’ll all have a better world.