PC ’76

January 4, 2018

Comment from E-mail

I was in Atlantic City in 1976 for the PC Expo show at the Shelburne Hotel. I had a SWTPC 6800 so I had no real interest in Apple at the time, but I remember seeing the Apple 1 on display. Were both you and Steve Jobs there? I know I met one of you, but I can’t remember who! (or whom LOL). I’d like to be able to tell people who I met. Was this the same one I saw with Lisa Lo*op at VCF 3.0?


Steve and I were both at PC ’76. I mostly stayed in our room, adding to the BASIC. Steve and Daniel Kottke (“Dan” in “Pirates of Silicon Valley”) manned the booth, so you could have spoken to either of them. One night Steve and I brought down the very newly built Apple ][ breadboard and hooked it up to the first color projector that we’d ever seen and it worked. The technician at the projector was the only one who saw it and he said that was the computer he was getting, with all the other early computers of the day in the same room. It was a real complement.