Pc or Mac?

January 3, 2018

Question from E-mail

My question is, would you personally have any hesitancy at this point in time to make a fairly large investment in a Macintosh computer? I want to go with Mac, but I keep getting hit with “PC’s are just as good and less expensive” and “Mac OS isn’t going to be around much longer.” Since I am NOT an engineer who understands the details of operating systems, a lot of the explanations of why PC’s have or have not caught up are lost on me. But I do know that my computers have been a dream to work on.


My time is pretty short and these are just my opinions:

The answer is possibly in what you need to do with the computer. Different platforms might have an advantage for certain tasks. Assuming that the PC and Mac both qualify here, the answer is in your own psychology. Do you want to be a part of the Mac struggle. We are a closely knit group that tries to help each other a lot and find solutions when they are needed. Because it’s more important to us, we are extremely passionate about our platform. You might prefer the safety of the most (not best) software selections or the most friends to help you fix things. It’s no fun to fix any computer problem, but from what I hear, PC’s are much much worse here.

I hope that this helps you. It’s strange, asking ME to advise you for or against the Mac.