Photo albums on HD

January 4, 2018

Comment from E-mail

If possible I’d like to connect with you there at MacWorld in SF…and bring you over to the Club Photo booth…they would be thrilled! They are releasing the newest Mac version of the Living Album, (1st in over 2 years) which we will be adding onto the LGX CD. I have been their major Mac proponent….I am glad they stuck with the Mac platform! They will be doing live uploads so we can publish any photos taken that day… Let me know if this works for you? If you don’t have lunch already booked, I’d be honored to invite you for a bite…


I will definitely catch the Club Photo booth. I think that it’s clearly time for this product to get better known. I looked in a catalog today and didn’t find it. Also, my wife had horrible time reducing some pictures she took of our daughter’s dog in order to email the pictures. PhotoShop wasn’t behaving and I’ll have to find out why later. There’s a real need for people to start keeping and organizing their photo albums on HD.