Pirates of Silicon Valley

January 4, 2018

Comment from E-mail

Hi Steve! I live in Sweden and I work at Ericsson company (do you recognize the Ericsson mobile phone?). I have read about you in articles and in the superb book “Hacker: Heroes Of The Computer Revolution” by Steven Levy. I have seen you in TV documentary too. I believe that you are an alive legend and thanks to people like you the computer revolution took place. A part the work I like to do own hardware design. Very simple design to control robots. I am fascinating about building robots. The most important thing when I start a own project is to have fun that’s all. I never heard about the movie “Pirates of Silicon Valley”. Was it shown on the TV? Can I find it on video? Do you have any suggestion on how I can find it?


It’s an honor to get good email from someone in Sweeden. I’m very glad that you read and enjoyed “Hackers.” It had a lot of true and meaningful stuff that disappeared as Wall Street took over the image of the personal computing revolution.

Send me your address and I’ll get you a DVD or VHS tape of “Pirates of Silicon Valley.” Unfortunately the VHS tapes are NTSC only and the DVD is U.S region code. I have friends that can make the conversion if you need, but it may take a while.