January 4, 2018

Comment from E-mail

A bunch of my friends are now Macintosh fans. Do you use a Mac? What kind? Do you like it? Why do you use Outlook Express??? Have you met Bill Gates? I hear he isn’t the nicest of people is there any truth to that? Do you read the magazine Mac Addict? Do you know anything internet based that I can do to earn a little cash? Do you like RPG games like Dungeons and Dragons Visit the best web sites in the world?


I use Macintosh computers exclusively. I mainly use a PowerBook (G3/400) but also have a G4 minitower. My family uses lots of other models, including iMacs and iBooks and even the incredible 20th anniversary Macintosh.

I do use Outlook Express. It doesn’t have a lot of things that I want (like dragging email addresses into the address book) but it’s clean for what it does have.

I’ve never met Bill Gates.

I occasionally read MacAddict. I have so little free time, that’s my problem.

Sorry, I don’t have any specific internet based ideas for you.

I don’t have time for RPG games (beyond a bare minimum) but my boys and their friends have always gone for RPG games in particular. That’s the sort of game I would get into if I had the time and was younger.