January 4, 2018

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What is your favorite quote?


A family of five deserves five votes. It’s my own quote. Schools get funding from government. Government spending is in accordance with voting power. The kids that we are trying to help in schools don’t get counted in this money allocation method. In California (50th in class size, 43rd in $ per student, 47th in computers per student) we require 2/3 of the vote, not 1/2, to pass property tax overrides for a school district to get more funding, yet only 1/3 of the families have children in the schools. If a family of 5 had 5 votes, these override issues would pass with 67% a lot more. Now they often fail with 63% of the vote. It’s a shame.

If a family of five had five votes, schools would wind up with perhaps twice as much money and we’d have the great education that we say we want and that we are wealthy enough to afford. We’d have a lot fewer students fall through the cracks and be ‘lost’ with unproductive lives. Class size is the biggest key to this.