Steve, Paul and Bill

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Hello, I am Harish Tella. Man I'm so curious about the history of Apple and Microsoft. I saw the movie pirates of silicon valley. I know you already answered a ton of question on this but please. I beg of you. It is so interesting. I am 13 now. I am so interested in computers. I wanted to learn more about this history stuff. When I found your page and saw that you took time to answer many letters I was so happy. I could get a response from the "Woz". My role model, my idol. I have a few quick questions for you. Do steve jobs and bill gates hate each other. What about paul allen. Whats he up to these days. How did steve jobs get back to apple in 1997. Is steve really a bad person as he was portrayed as in the movie. Are there any books or web sites with more info on the history about this stuff that you can recommend. Thanks for your time. Oh yeah and remember my name because one day I hope to reach your greatness.


I don't really know what Gates' and Jobs' feelings are about each other. I think that Steve is probably a little jealous that Bill wasn't smarter but wound up with the mass market and $. Things in the movie that you might call 'bad', Steve might call 'good'.