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I would like to thank you for touching my life and the life of my children. My father bought me an Apple II when I was a kid. I remember him filling out the credit application and actually having an Apple credit card or something of that nature. Looking back I don't think he could have afforded it but he bought it for me. My 3 girls currently use a 266 iMac which is the main focus of our household. If it wasn't for Macs my 4 year old would not be as advanced as she is with computers. I'm sure your initial response will be something like "It took a lot of people to build those products" and I thank all of them. But my family thanks you for being a doer and a thinker and I hope I teach my kids to do the same with their lives.



This is a great story to hear. Sometimes, the Apple ][ is forgotten or deliberately left out but it inspired this whole industry in my opinion.