Wouldn't you have made a great CEO?

Question from E-mail


Why didn't you go back to Apple after they fired Steve Jobs? Shouldn't you have gotten most of the credit since you created most of the things? Wouldn't you have made a great CEO?


I didn't totally quit. I always kept a small employment status at Apple. I should ALWAYS be a part of it. But I'm non-political and could not run a company or manage people well. Its not my thing.


Thanks for your confidence. I know that I'd have done things differently, but I wouldn't want to say that things would have turned out better. It's a hard question.


Many feel that I, the sole inventor and engineer of some incredible products and software and even our Apple ][ BASIC, that kicked this whole revolution off, deserves the most credit. Well, I'm happy that people and books generally accept me as a good engineer. I don't need the political credit. That seems to go with whoever is currently "in office" and that part is not for me.