"WOZ" signature on G.S

Comment from E-mail

We pooled all of our resources and bought one of the first Apple G. S's to hit the stores up here in Alaska.

On the front of it is a strange signature, "WOZ". I have never seen another G. S. that had been signed in this manner. Did you per chance sign the front of any of the early ones as a lark? If you did perhaps you would be interested to know this particular model ended up in Anchorage Alaska and brought our whole family into the world of technology and I still dearly love the little fellow and keep him in a place of honor in our library. (Of course both he and I are retired now but he's still good for a fast chess game now and then with my grand-kids and I.

Thanks for the opportunity to inquire about my little guy,


When Apple asked me for a signature for a special limited edition of the Apple ][gs I figured that it was for a few hundred computers. But they made 50,000 with the signature.

Occasionally I'm asked to sign, with a Sharpie pen, one of these or one of the ones without the "Woz" signature.

Thanks for letting me know of your respect for your little fellow.