You are a great person for changing our future

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So I am 13 and headed real far into computers!!! So you invented the first computer! What year did you come up with that great idea , I mean I'm using one now , and pretty much the world! Well hey if you get this e-mail , e-mail me back! I jus wanted to say you are a great person for changing our future and etc. etc..



Hey, I'm reminded of things my father said when I was your age. He was a great engineer. But he told me how important we young people were. He said that the adults had a lot of things not working well in the world and that we kids were going to school in order to make the world much better. I was shocked to learn that my elementary school teacher made less than junior high school and high school teachers and even engineers after hearing this speech.

Well, it's your turn to decide that you want to achieve and change the future. You have to work hard to do better at things than almost anyone else. You have to put off some partying until later, after your success is assured. I wish you well in this.