Young computer users

Comment from E-mail

I am 16 years old and I am running a small web business out of my house. Do have any good advice on starting a business I heard many stories about you such as creating the first usable computer for home use? All I can say is that you and Steve Jobs have change the world and I thank you. My company is called design its nothing much I am still not used to creating sites. Before my business I was doing web graphics which I am still offering to people. Well I hope you get a laugh out of my site it is still experimental. The graphics still have problems they may be unveiwable. Send a response on what can do to make it better. Your friend Andrew P


More and more I encounter young computer users like yourself trying to start a company and put their talents to good use, most often in web site design and maintenance. For many close to me I've been able to provide facilities (my office) and internet access and servers and workstations. Even if I can't see the likelihood of success, the right ones don't need brick walls.

In the days of our first computer, the Apple I, Steve Jobs and I attended PC-76 in Atlantic City. We were so young that it was my first time out of California, except for a year of college in Colorado. We met many other young people like ourselves, all trying to make something out of computers, which were their interests. I remember talking with an older, white-haired, gentleman. He was helping out some kids that were trying to start something. He had helped them use some machine tools to make cases and had helped them get a business plan and had helped them with things like tax filings, as I recall. He was retired, he just did this to help out youngsters.

I thought that he was the most amazing person, to give to some young people for no obvious or visible reason.