Your computer had a huge influence on my life

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I just saw the "Pirates of Silicon Valley" on cable the other day. It made me feel very nostalgic.


My Dad bought an Apple //e (with 128K of RAM *AND* an 80-column card) in 1984. I fell in love with it (having only used a Commodore PET before that). I was 13 at the time and devoted countless hours to figuring out how it worked. I taught myself BASIC, machine language, and assembly language. "CALL -151" still makes me grin.


I eventually bought a ][gs in 1987 and used that until I made the switch to PC's in 1994. Nothing, however, will ever compare with the all-around completeness and stability of my Apple //e.


I still fire up my Apple //e emulator from time to time to play an old Infocom game.


Anyway, just wanted to let you know your computer had a huge influence on my life, my career, and my ongoing fascination and interest with computers.


I'm glad that you were well inspired. So many remember how good the //e was. Today's computers are just too frustrating. They don't need to be. Some people even realize that when you added a printer to the //e, with it's mini-OS, the driver was in ROM on the printer interface card. True plug and play. Today we find plug and install and reconfigure and fix conflicts and update versions more than plug and play.