Your impressions of Steve and Apple today?

Question from E-mail

Hello Mr. Wozniak - It is a pleasure to be able to address the person who had such a profound impact on the personal computer revolution. By your accomplishments, you have indirectly shaped millions of lives, whether as a consumer or computer professional.I just recently found your website and have been a loyal Mac user for quite some time. Not that these facts entitle me to ask you a question, but here goes anyway. Steve Jobs is back at the interim healm of Apple. What are your impressions of Steve and Apple today? Has he mellowed with age? Is the iMac his brainchild? Apple lovers are thrilled to experience the renewed energy that is coming from Cupertino. Any thoughts or comments from you would be welcome.Thanks again, David Albers Laguna Niguel, CA


Apple has always been 'the place to be' whether we're doing fine or in deep waters. Steve brought a lot of newness back to Apple. I wouldn't say that it changes Apple's position per se, but it inspires Apple loyalists to remain so and keep up the passionate side. It also gives the company a lot of needed credibility in the eyes of the financial community.