Your relationship with Steve today

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Hello Mr. Woz. I am a 14 year old fan of yours. I admire you and Steve Jobs and I was wondering about your relationship with Steve today.


I've always considered Steve a good, if not close friend. We have quite different lives and goals in some ways but we share many great memories of the times when our lives were forming, even before Apple. I enjoy chatting with Steve once in a while. He is always polite and respectful. He doesn't ever offend or intrude on my space. I try not to intrude on his. Many times I wish that we were close. Steve can relax and enjoy my many stories, whereas a lot of business driven people can't. He is more trapped to his job responsibilities and partly wishes that he could be like myself, with freedom and time for experiences with students and family. I don't long for his success and daily notoriety and running of companies, but I'm glad that Apple is in his unusual hands and hopes that it continues in that fashion even when he's gone.